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 EP 1590754 - System and Method for Integrating Projects Events with Personal Calendar and Scheduling Clients
 US 07089231 - System and method for searching a plurality of databases distributed across a multi server domain
 US 07089296 - System and method for caching and validating user and command specific server response messages
 US 07028262 - Method and system for designing a theme and associating it with a collaboration space user interface
 US 06904439 - System and Method for Aggregating User Project Information in a Multi-Server System
 US 07167874 - System and Method for Command Line Administration of Project Spaces using XML Objects
 US 07181462 - System and method for multi server place data representation
 US 07213010 - System and method for the aggregation of place information in a multi-server system
 US 07194480 - System and Method for Invoking Methods on Place Objects in a Distributed Environment
US 07278109 - System and Method for Dynamic Uploading of User Interface Generation Logic. Filed 2003

Patent Applications

60/939,734 - Method and System for Social Networking. Filed 2007
60/939,704 - Method and System for Multi-Channel Conversation Engine. Filed 2007
CAM920060171US1 - Private Metadata Integration in an Activity Thread. Filed 2007
CAM920060006US1 - Method for Extension Registry Filtering. Filed 2006
LOT820050062US1 - Method for Extension Points in a J2EE Application Server Environment. Filed 2005
LOT820040325US1 - Method and System for Providing Secured Content Syndication on a Collaborative Place. Filed 2005
LOT820040305US1 - Method to Transparently Control Execution Flow of Methods in a Service Oriented Architecture. Filed 2005
LOT920050057US1 - Community Instance Access Control in a Collaborative System. Filed 2005
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LOT920040069US1 - Collaborative Workplace System & Methods. Filed 2004
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LOT920030088US1 - Policy Based Application Provisioning in a Collaborative Computing Environment. Filed 2003
LOT920030082US1 - Method and System for an Independent Collaborative Computing Community. Filed 2003
LOT920030074US1 - Hierarchical Groups. Filed 2003
LOT920030072US1 - System and Method for Integrating Third Party Applications into a Named Collaborative Space. Filed 2003
LOT920030080US1 - Collaborative Computing Community Role Mapping System and Method. Filed 2003
LOT920030078US1 - Event Notification Structure for Dynamically Aggregated Logical Components. Filed 2003
LOT920030071US1 - Method and System for Named Collaborative Spaces in a Collaborative Computing Environment. Filed 2003 
LOT920030077US1 - Sequential Restructuring of a Collaborative Context. Filed 2003
LOT920030001US1 - System and Method for Integrating Online Meeting Materials in a Place. Filed 2003
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LOT920020061US1 - System and Method for Central Refresh of Place Objects. Filed 2002


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